Warren Caylor

As you can see from the above Facebook post, WC has achieved his lifetime ambition of having his spirit guides turn water into wine!  As if anyone is stupid enough to believe that!  This powder is readily available to buy in many locations around the world- all you do is add water and it appears to be wine.

As if the above claim isn’t outrageous enough in February, 2019 – he has taken to sucking the toes of his sitters and claiming it is the spirit world!  At a sitting in Gilberts Sanctuary (aptly named as it is a safe haven for many of the fraudulent self proclaimed mediums working today) you can read some of the reports which have been published about this disgusting perverse act.


Shared by request of Gill Mchale

Gill Mchale to Mediumship – without the skulduggery-February 27 at 7:00 PM

I wanted to leave a comment regarding the seance at Gilbert Sanctuary last Friday. I was one of the sitters there who’s comment that was taken from a Gilbert Sanctuary post has been hotly debated here. This was my second ever sitting at a Physical seance both being at Gilbert’s with Warren the first being a few years ago. I was very grateful to Susan Filer to ask me back again as I know it is a great honour to sit at this type of seance I have never sat in a development circle nor am I gifted in anyway. I just have a desire to experience and learn. I had gone to this seance in good faith and belief I would and had experienced genuine phenomena.

We are told not to try and touch or interfere with any phenomena unless asked to do so. But if you truly believe you are witnessing true spirit and not fakery then even “toe sucking” ( not particularly my thing nor do I grow pampas grass as mentioned in someone’s comment) its still a big deal and you put your trust in it and all the phenomena provided. I only reported the facts as they occured. It is often very hard for us ‘ordinary’ people to know what is right and wrong, we seek confirmation and certainty that there is a spirit world and our loved ones are still with us. You genuine mediums are blessed with the truth of this, how very lucky you are.

As we are often faced with fakery when we go to see someone for a reading.

You guys are the experts, I don’t know maybe you have a vendetta against the medium concerned and want to discredit him, let’s face it your organisation is full of a lot of bull… that does prey on the grieving and vulnerable. Not everyone I heysant to add. So now you have ridiculed us . I thank you. And say Where is the love guys ???

And Esther Jacobs the post I made was on Gilbert Sanctuary, Mediumship without skulduggery put it here. And the facts I stated were true exactly as I said Wether it was spirit or faked and I can assure you I am NOT an attention seeker in any shape or form. And just as a side note the toesucking did not give me any sexual gratification whatsoever.

Well here are the current prices to attend a fraudulent Caylor seance:

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