Mychael Shane or Mychael SHAME

Mychael Shane weekend workshop and séance at The Parsonage Side Retreat, Nr Bridgewater Somerset UK on 11&12 August 2018

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Myself and a friend attended a workshop and séance conducted by a ‘Medium’ called Mychael Shane from USA at The Parsonage Side Retreat in Bridgewater, Somerset on 11th and 12th August 2018. This is an open and honest report of what occurred.

We went there with the intention of having an open mind to see what would happen after having an interest in physical mediumship for some time. We certainly had no agenda to credit or discredit Mychael. We accept that other people may or may not have had more positive experiences with Mychael but what you will read here is an account of what we witnessed on this occasion.

We were introduced to Mychael and his assistant Christiana shortly after we arrived on the Friday evening. After about an hour of chatting around a table where we listened to Mychael and Christiana speak about things like his encounters with Saint Germain, Lady Nada, Shamballa and various things as well as telling us that he had been offered half a million dollars by someone if he allowed him to sit in the front row of every one of his séances, his real name was Keith and that he used to be a lead singer in a rock band, etc etc, . . . we just sat quietly listening.

Mychael then said that he would do some billet readings for the 4 of us that were on the weekend workshop. There were two other ladies on the course besides me and my friend. I had never heard of billet readings before, but we went into another room where he explained what he would do.

Dawn one of the owners of the centre hosting Mychael came in with us for the billet readings. Mychael then explained that we are to write a question on a card whilst he is blindfolded. Then he would hold the card feeling it and turning it over. Then he said he would give an answer to the question which St.Germain would tell him.

Mychaels assistant Christiana told us that the types of things we could write. They were; “What do I need for my spiritual growth,” “What type of mediumship will I be doing,” “What type of gifts do I have?” etc.. I was quite surprised at this, as in usual circumstances with other workshops and courses I’ve attended, the questions if any should not be of a personal nature.

We were shown a card by Mychael and Christiana which was an example of how big we should write on the card (which was larger than my usual handwriting.) We, all five of us, had to write a question on a card with a number or letter on the back or both. He then showed us a couple of silver dollars which he said were apports from his mediumship previously. (On inspection they appeared to be freshly minted coins, although rough around the edges.) They were put on some tape and stuck on his eyes.

Then he had a blindfold like the ones on an airplane, which was followed by an already neatly folded bandana which was folded to about 2 inches. Mychael said it was important that the pointed part of the bandana went on the top at his forehead in between his eyes instead of pointing downwards over his eyes/nose. I’m not sure why he was so specific about this, but in light of the doubts I had after the séance, I wish now that I had questioned this at the time, as well as wishing that we had an opportunity to put the blindfold on to see whether we could see through or under the blindfold.

We each wrote a question on a card with a number or letters on the back, (it was suggested we put our initials on the back with a number.) The cards were put into a basket and given to Mychael. Mychael pulled out one card at a time. He felt it running his fingers over the writing and spent some time turning it over and feeling it. He said the answer to this question is Olive and then asked who’s card this was and Dawn said it was hers. She was asked to read out her question, which was; ‘Who is my spirit guide?’ Dawn said oh I didn’t think Olive was my guide but comes through on the table/Ouija. ( I had seen a picture of a young girl with the word Olive written on it at the entrance to the door of the room we had just entered.)There was no other message for her from the ascended master.

Some of the answers seemed to somewhat fit the questions but as they were personal and some about the future none of the information could be verified and they were not evidential. My question was, “What can I do to help my back and hip conditions?” He spent some time handling it feeling it and turning it over and said the answer to this question is just breathe and be patient. (I have degenerative disc disease and bilateral trochanteric bursitis.)

He gave only a couple of words of advice on each card. We did not witness anything that could be called spiritual or proved that Mychael was guided by an ascended master. I guess it was fairly clever but only suggested that he may have a psychic or ESP ability and that’s if he could not see through the blindfold. This whole session lasted maximum half an hour.

We then ate and in the evening we went into the séance room to have a table session. They had a white round table which would seat about 6 people with letters of the alphabet around it along with numbers 0 to 9, and yes and no. Mychael did not sit at the table but sat on an armchair with his eyes closed. I heard the odd snort and snore coming from him. We were on the table for about another hour and a half while Mychael appeared to be asleep the whole time.

After we had all finished on the table and Mychael woke up, Dawn asked him if he had been asleep to which he replied that he had been out of his body. She said, ”Where did you go?” He said after a couple of moments pause,” Shamballa!” Dawn asked him what it was like, to which he answered that it hot but cold and not a place you can actually describe well.

The workshop

The workshop had been advertised as a weekend workshop and was £100 which I didn’t think was too bad for a weekend workshop. Then I had to pay per night for the accommodation on top. I couldn’t sleep very well as Mychael was talking very loudly until 4.30am at least when I put headphones on to fall asleep.

On the Friday night we didn’t really get told what time we would be starting the class in the morning. However I woke up and had breakfast ready for the day but Mychael did not appear from his bedroom until 12 o clock. We had to wait for him to have a cooked breakfast so did not go into our first lesson until 1pm.

When the lesson finally started we listened to both Mychael and his assistant Christiana talk about their experiences with ascended masters. One of which Christiana said she saw Jesus in the bedroom just last night and Mychael went on to say “Yes she said to me I just saw a spirit walk by and I said to her that was Jesus.” Mychael went on to tell us what type of things had been apported in his mediumship which consisted of a sapphire that was 1600 carats and told us that one time he had a huge ruby apported through his chest which left a gaping hole in his chest which took some time to close up.

Mychael’s assistant then handed the four of us on the course a handout that he had prepared with help from the ascended masters, he claimed. The first two pages were guidance on psychometry and the last two pages were guidance on trance chanelling.

Mychael asked one of us to read out the writing to all of us. In the part about trance channeling there were two parts of it which I will copy here word for word;

“Once this occurs, it is necessary to bring the medium back as soon as possible, because the longer it takes to bring the medium back the less chance the medium will come back; the connection becomes too weak and in the process the medium could lose their life.”

And the other;

“A conscious connection to the phenomena without the guidance of spirit will most likely kill the medium, because their very essence is being ripped apart both internally and externally.”

I was very puzzled on hearing this as I had never heard of anything like this from any other trance course I have attended and furthermore in my opinion I felt that it may frighten anyone enough for them to never try trance. I certainly didn’t think this information came from an ascended master.

Each of us four had roughly 10 minutes each practicing psychometry, a brief toilet break, then into the séance room where Mychael continued to chat quite a bit further about apports he had had in the past. One of which, he said, he was screaming out in pain whilst a large crystal came through his back. One of the ladies asked why spirit would do something to hurt him, to which he answered, “Oh I told them don’t you ever do that to me again,” and that, “It took months to heal up properly.”

He also told us more about his encounters with Lady Nada, ( who he said is an actual reincarnation of Mary Magdelene,) Jesus and St.Germain. After some time, three of us took it in turns to go into the cabinet with the curtain shut and lights off. Whilst each of us were in the cabinet with the curtain closed and light off, Mychael told each of us to put our hand in the cabinet “to see if we could feel any ectoplasm.”

After about 10 minutes each we were ‘called back.’ He ‘called’ us all back by getting everyone to sing our name followed by row your boat ashore Halleluja repeatedly in the tune of the song Michael row your boat ashore.

The only instruction or advice we were given prior to going into the cabinet were the two pages of text about trance which contained the two phrases I have already mentioned above, and he told us to breathe short sharp quick breaths.

The last lady to go into the cabinet seemed a little nervous and despite having just read twice that you could most likely die whilst in trance, Mychael actually fell asleep the whole time this lady was in the cabinet and as we were not told to say what, if anything, we might observe, there was a long period of silence apart from the odd heavy breathing and snore from Mychael.

About 3 times I tried to pluck up the courage to say to his assistant who was sitting next to me something like, “I think 10 minutes have long gone by do you think we should wake Mychael up?” but I couldn’t pluck up the courage to say anything. Eventually Christiana cleared her throat loudly but this did not wake him, so she did it again, still no luck, then she picked up her water bottle and drank from it. There was obviously then a lot of air in the plastic bottle which when she squeezed it, it made a loud crack/pop which did wake him. I remember thinking gosh that’s not a good idea moving around a water bottle and making a loud crack whilst being a couple of feet away from a medium in a cabinet in the dark who may possibly be in an entranced state especially if there were the presence of ectoplasm, which in my mind would possibly be more of a danger to the medium than anything else if it made it fly back into the medium too quickly.

By this time it was 5 o’clock and Mychael said we should finish for the day. I felt disappointed that we had only done 20 minutes total each of actual lesson/mediumship practice that day. On leaving the room I spoke to my friend and one of the other ladies on the course, who were all also disappointed. The other lady said that her friend who was the last one to go into the cabinet and whilst Mychael fell asleep was really very nervous as she had not been in a cabinet before, (we also weren’t asked if we had ever been in a cabinet before or trance) and that she was particularly scared after reading Mychaels text relating to trance and death.

The séance

The séance was due to start at 7 and more people were continuing to arrive for the evening public séance. Some of the people including Mychael ordered a Chinese takeaway and Mychael started to eat the first of two large platefuls just after 6.30pm. I remember thinking it strange for a physical medium to eat such a large meal immediately before sitting for a séance.

At 7pm the people attending the séance walked straight into the séance room. I followed them in wondering why we all hadn’t been stopped and checked or searched before entering as this was always done at other public séances I have attended at various places. One of which also uses a metal detector wand as well. It seemed that it was a case of just sit on any spare chair you like as there wasn’t anyone telling people where to sit.

The room itself was quite large, the cabinet was against one wall in the middle of the room. Inside the cabinet I saw a chair with a small white pottery bowl placed on the floor underneath it which appeared to be ¾ full with water.

There were two chairs either side of the cabinet about 3 or 4 feet away, so one chair either side of the cabinet. The chair to the left of the cabinet had various bits and pieces of Mychaels and his assistants belongings placed around it and on the shelf behind them. This was Mychaels assistant Christiana’s chair.

Next to her was a small fold up table. On the table was a metal, (appeared to be a disposable aluminium foil) tray. This tray had some clear liquid in it. Next to the other chair was a small table with a radio. There were three rows of chairs which were put in a semi-circle shape facing the cabinet for the 26 attendees to sit in and I sat in the second row to the right.

There were 26 people attending the séance. When all the people attending were in the room and sat down, Mychael started to give us a pre séance talk. He told us about various things that had happened in previous séances and what we should experience.

He told us that he had had so much scientific testing and had passed it all. He told us that he had put himself through a lot and adapted his mediumship a lot to comply with wishes of others to prove himself and said that he was even asked if he would stand in a hole dug out of the ground with only his head sticking out above ground level and said the scientists then wanted to fill the hole with cement. He said he was happy to do it but he had to say No because his wife told him she would leave him if he agreed to do that.

He also mentioned apports he has had including diamonds, sapphires and rubies some of which he said were very big. He told us that Lady Nada would come and speak to us. He said that she sounds like Ms Doubtfire from the film of a male actor impersonating a female. He said that scientists in Basel Switzerland had tested the voice signatures and that although very close to his voice, it was different. He said that Lady Nada would speak through the trumpet and that a ‘pseudopod’ would form inside the trumpet, he said a pseudopod was a replica of his voice box which she would speak through and through the trumpet.

He also said that we would see full materialisations and that the ascended masters would walk around us giving us healing. He warned us not to reach out and touch them but if they touched us first we could touch them back. He said that in one of his séances Jesus and St.Germain fully materialised and someone in the audience ran over to them and rugby tackled them to the ground. He told us that we would be able to see and smell ectoplasm.

We were told that Mychael would have water in his mouth and duct tape over his mouth with a pen mark put around it so that we would see if it moved. He also spoke a bit about the restraints telling us that he uses police issued handcuffs which were his own he had brought with him from USA. He held them up for us to see but did not pass them round for the sitters to inspect that they could not be easily opened after locking and had not been doctored to do so. Personally I would have liked to have a closer look at them. He said he only had 2 keys to them which he said he would give to two members of the audience.

Mychaels assistant Christiana then interrupted him saying hurry up talking because the paraffin wax is setting. Someone asked what the paraffin wax was for, (I guessed this must have been the liquid in the foil tray) and Mychael said that St.Germain would try to put his hand print on it to show us that he had materialised.

Mychael then said we had better hurry up and get started because the paraffin wax was starting to set and asked if everyone was ready for the light to go off. Someone said “Do we not need to take our jewellery off” and Mychael replied that it was fine to keep all jewellery on. I thought this strange as he had said that he gets rings and jewellery apported as well as a possible ectoplasm/metal burn, this, I have to say concerned me. But even more concerning to me at that precise moment in time, was the fact that they were about to start the séance and yet no-one, not the medium or his assistant or the organisers/hosts of which they were one lady and two men, or any one of us in the audience were searched.

Dawn, one of the owners of Parsonage Side Retreat was sat in the chair immediately in front of me. I quickly tapped her on the shoulder and said to her “Is no-one going to be checking the medium or anyone?” She looked across to one of the other owners who was sat to one side of the cabinet with the radio and asked him if they should get the medium checked. He then asked the other male owner who was stood by the door waiting to turn the light off. The male owners said “Mmm… well does anyone want us to check the medium.”

Mychael wasn’t saying anything at this time, he was putting his trumpet, which was a two piece telescopic metal looking one, next to his chair inside the cabinet.

Dawn then stood up facing the rest of the audience and said “Does anyone want us to check the medium?” There was a few moments pause where I thought to myself ‘surely I’m not the only one here who wants the medium… actually everyone to be checked.’ I was waiting for someone else to speak up but they didn’t. So I timidly said “Well yes I do, but I feel a little bit awkward being the only person to say so.” So Dawn then asked Mychael if he would mind being checked and a man from the audience came forwards and patted him down. Mychael had a shirt and trousers on and he is also a fairly large man with lots of nooks and crannies I thought a quick pat down may not suffice. Christiana also had a quick pat down by a member of the audience and after this said that she needed the bathroom and rushed out and left the room. At no point were any of the organisers/hosts or members of the public searched. I did see someone look into the cabinet.

Handcuffs were then placed on the medium whilst he was seated in the cabinet chair. The one around his left hand was also put around the arm of the chair. There was a chain linking to the other handcuff which was placed around his right wrist. This did not reach the other arm of the chair and moved freely which he rested on his tummy. So his right hand was not secured to his chair, neither were his feet.

I saw someone look in his mouth. He took a gulp of water and then someone put duct tape across his mouth and shut the cabinet curtain. The two keys that were claimed to be the only copies were given to two members of the public.

I remember thinking to myself “What about the pen lines around the mouth they said they would do to show that the tape had not moved?” So I spoke up and said “Excuse me are you not putting the pen marks around the tape?” Mychaels assistant Christiana said after a pause, “Well we’re not doing that anymore because it didn’t prove anything as Mychael often coughed while in trance and some of the water leak out making the tape move anyway.” I felt like saying to her well why did you say earlier that you always do that, and then a little later not even do that, but I felt if I had it may lower the vibration of the room not really being good conditions in which to conduct a séance. So I kept quiet.

Christiana was sat to the left of the cabinet with a small table next to her with the tray of paraffin wax. As I said before she had various bits and pieces I remember a couple of them being a piece of cloth of some sorts. And one of the brother owners of the Parsonage side retreat I believe to be called Steve sat to the right a few feet away from the cabinet in charge of what looked like a small radio with red parts on it.

The lights were turned off it was complete darkness. Christiana asked us to repeat after her some words which she said was the prayer. It went “I command the white fire and violet flame to surround and protect this building now!” Then we all had to repeat that 3 times. Then the music was put on and in my opinion it was quite low in volume. I believe the song was a quite old song about love but I don’t know the name or who sang it. I was a bit surprised that we weren’t asked to sing because that seemed to be normal practice with all the other séances that I’ve been to. They say that to sing lifts the vibration helping the spiritworld to manifest.

Very soon after the music had started and only moments in to the song, (obviously there were quieter moments in the song when the sound in the room was fairly quiet.) I very distinctly heard a sound which came from the direction of the cabinet. I most definitely heard the sound of the handcuffs and chain jingling about exactly as if someone were moving the handcuffs about trying to open them. It was exactly the same sound that I heard when Mychael had been handling the handcuffs earlier as he was talking about them. I cannot emphasise how much that it was that exact sound. I’m thinking to myself “Surely someone else must have heard that.”

Immediately when that sound had finished I heard the distinct sound of duct tape being ripped off of a surface that it is stuck to. Now I know that the only thing in this whole room that has duct tape stuck to it is Mychaels mouth. So of course I deduce that as there is nothing else in the room with duct tape on it that either Mychael or someone else is removing the duct tape off of his mouth after having already taken off the handcuffs. I whispered to my friend who was sat next to me that I heard the sound of the handcuffs and the tape and she nodded and said “Yes, me too.”

Very soon afterwards what seemed to sound like a man impersonating a ladies high pitched voice started to speak to us. To be honest I didn’t really feel that interested in what was being said, so much at first, which surprised me, as usually when a spirit speaks it’s so enchanting in a way that I find myself paying attention without really consciously thinking about it. I was having a conversation in my head about whether I should speak out about what I had distinctly heard. If so, when I should say something, who to, what if it causes me any hostility… gosh what a dilemma I thought. I also had thoughts of, “Why would spirit need to remove Mychaels handcuffs and tape on his mouth?” As well as thoughts of “Surely other people must have heard it too.”

I then thought I need to concentrate on what’s going on else I could miss something. I still seemed to be hopeful that something amazing could happen in the séance as I always do.

The voice, which I whispered to my friend that I agreed with Mychaels description of it sounding like Ms. Doubtfire, my friend, said it reminded her of Miss Piggy from the Muppets. This voice sounded as though it was someone talking through a tube, he had already said that lady Nada sounds like a man impersonating a woman and that she effectively speaks through his trumpet via what he called a pseudopod inside the trumpet.

Obviously my suspicions were aroused by what I had witnessed so far. So I was listening very intently if this voice that seemed to have a slight accent ever faltered and sounded more American like the mediums voice and once very briefly I heard the tone of a man just like his voice which quickly reverts back to the other voice. (It would be interesting to see if the séance was recorded, it certainly wasn’t mentioned to us that it would be.)

This voice said loudly “Do you want to know what to invest in?” I remember thinking to myself surely if this ascended master, ‘Lady Nada’ wanted to speak to us mentioning things to invest in, that it would be of a healing and loving nature and not anything with monetary value or necessarily material things.

There was of course a brief silence as I think we were all wondering what was meant. Finally a man said yes so the voice continued to tell us to buy gold, invest in gold, and kept repeating and to buy gold dollars.

This voice went on to say that our poles on the earth are shifting and that there will be a lot of earthquakes and volcanoes but then in a childish voice said “But don’t worry!” followed by a high pitched girly type giggle, (well a guy impersonating it at that.)

She also went on to say we soon won’t be able to eat any food because all the food will be contaminated except organic vegetables because the earth is dying and there are not enough nutrients in the soil. Another lady in the audience then gave us quite a talk about organic vegetables etc.

Nothing in what this voice said was evidential, spiritual, enlightening, educational or even helpful to anyone in my opinion as was the opinion of my friend who accompanied me.

Soon after the voice said goodbye, we were told by Christiana to all sing the song ‘Michael row your boat ashore Hallelujah over and over until Mychael came back. Christiana started us singing it and she sang it pretty loud, so of course, we all kind of just follow on suit and follow the crowd. We sang it out pretty loud for a time, I certainly belted the song out for a bit. Again I thought this was opposite to any other séance I had been to where it is essential to be quiet whilst the medium comes back. I remember thinking, gosh this is going on for some time perhaps I should be quiet and listen for a bit and again I heard the sound of the jingling of the handcuffs. It was sang quite a few more times at which time I couldn’t really sing anymore as I was really needing the loo.

I thought thank God as the light went on as Mychael had made a sound alerting someone to turn the light on. I asked Dawn in front of me if I could use the loo so off I went. On returning I hear Christiana and Mychael talk about a hand print that had appeared to have been made in the paraffin wax that was on the tray on the table next to the mediums assistant Christiana.

They asked if anyone wants to get their cameras because he was going to demonstrate the apport part of the séance next and that we could take photos at the end of the apport part.

Mychael held the tray/ paraffin wax hand print up, whilst holding his hand next to it. He was saying “Look its St. Germain, his hands are much larger than mine.” I remember looking at the handprint thinking, ok the top part looks like the top part of someone’s fingertips and the very bottom part looks the bottom part of a hand that had dug in the wax with it, with the outer part of it being deeper than the inner. There was massive gap in between the two, meaning that the paraffin wax in the middle part is exactly the same depth as the surrounding paraffin wax that hadn’t been imprinted with anything. It looked as though the indentation (handprint) had been dented in by the top and bottom part of someone’s hand but pressed down on two separate occasions leaving a large gap in the middle where there was no print at all, which would make the handprint look longer. I took some photos of it which I will try to share somewhere if I can. Mychael gave the paraffin wax print to the people who owned the centre.

So I get my camera and give it to my friend as I am asked by Mychael to be one of the two people who hold the sheet up while he spits them out of his mouth.

So I stand up in front of the left hand side of the cabinet as I’m asked to hold one of the smaller sides of a white fitted sheet. There was a lady who was unknown to me holding the other side. Mychael has more tape put across his mouth and the cabinet closed. The lights are still on.

Christiana suggested that everyone chant OM over and over. Everyone is chanting OM continuously and as this is going on I hear lots of noise coming from the cabinet with that distinct sound of the duct tape being ripped, so I had obviously stopped Omming myself so as I could hear. It was definitely coming from the cabinet because I was stood right next to it. There was then lots of movement sounds and fumbling around coming from the cabinet where it was rocking so much that the curtain was seen by my friend in the audience to be swaying from side to side as well. Nosy me, I stooped down towards the edge of cabinet for a closer listen. Christiana clocked me and started to move around knocking into the water bowl which was by her feet. I surmised that it was the only thing she could do without raising too much suspicion to try to disguise any sound.

As I was stooping I very, very clearly heard the sound of crystals chinkling together as though someone were say a handful of them from one hand to another. I’m sure those people with crystals would know the distinct sound that I mean. In fact it was exactly the same sound as the crystal ‘apports’ from this séance sounded when I moved them around in the sheet afterwards. So I think, ok I hear the sound of crystals coming from the cabinet but he says that they get apported through a vortex that appears in his mouth and if his mouth is shut and has tape on it I would not have heard them jingling.

Some moments passed by more Omming. A bit more fumbling around from the cabinet then Mychael opens the cabinet looking rather like a well fed hamster. He of course has the tape on his mouth. He gets some people to guide him towards the sheet a couple of feet in front and takes the tape off. He makes sure that I’m holding the sheet correctly to catch the crystals and quite a lot of crystals along with saliva were spat out of his mouth into the sheet. Mychael made some odd grimaces as he spat them out as though it was painful.

The stones or crystals were all quite small and there weren’t any diamonds or sapphires or rubies that he claimed were commonplace in his apports. I honestly don’t think that they would have a lot of value.

He then put the crystals on a table and I was asked to return to my seat. Cristiana and Mychael started to separate them into colours. He was then calling out one person at a time from the back to the front in order forwards and gave them each a crystal stating which ascended master it was from and what their brief message was. The message which was one or two words for each person like that’s for prosperity that ones for happiness etc. Some of the masters he named as Jesus, Bhudda Mother Mary and all sorts of ones I’ve never even heard of.

When it was my turn he asked me to go up to the table and said to me that I should chose my own because of doing something or another good in class, he said. So I picked one I was drawn to and he said that’s from Sunat moraja or something like that real fast which I didn’t quiet catch, so I said “Who?’ He said it a bit slower but I didn’t know much about the person, well this ascended master he was talking about. The stone given to me appeared to be a faceted piece of glass. When everyone had been given a stone there were some left over. I think there were approximately 40 in total. The rest were split out among a couple of the people he had picked out. He said that the liquid that came out with them was from where the stones are solidifying from liquid.

We were given an opportunity to ask any questions. I thought to myself that I would like to hear some clarification about when the apports appear in his mouth. I thought to myself, if he says that they are apported just before he spits them out and not just a little after the curtain closed when I heard the distinct sound of crystals, then that would prove to me that there was definitely foul play.

Mychael just answered describing a vortex and the process of the apports according to him, but didn’t really answer the question properly but skirted around the idea that it could be just before he spat them out. His answer wasn’t really very clear. I didn’t have the confidence to ask him the question again as I felt it wasn’t answered properly.

Everyone was gathering around taking photographs of the crystals and the wax print which I did also. Christiana said to Mychael “Ok well we need to get you back in your body, you’re still out of your body.” Then we all left the séance room.

Myself and my friend were discussing what occurred and we concluded that neither us had seen any evidence of the séance being genuine, in fact we witnessed more evidence to the contrary. At no point did it appear to be led by a group of ascended masters as he claimed. And the content of what was spoken was very unlike I would imagine an ascended master to say.

Prior to the séance, myself and my friend had a conversation with Steve who is one of the owner brothers and he said to us, ”Don’t do what …. …… done who came to séance, he didn’t say anything about being unhappy about it, yet wrote an article about it to the Psychic News under someone else’s name.” He went on to say, “Please if you have a problem with anything about the séance then you should tell us. Don’t wait until you get home and plaster it all over the internet.”

So bearing this in mind. Steve one of the owners approached me and my friend as we were about to leave the building. He asked us what we thought about the séance. I remember thinking Gosh this is a bit awkward, I looked at my friend and she looked at me both wondering what to say. He looked at my friend and said fairly sternly, “Come on if there’s something you’re not happy about then say it.” My friend then said “Well I wasn’t entirely convinced.”

Steve immediately became defensive saying things like, “Are you trying to say that spirit wasn’t there then?” sarcastically. My friend said, “Well I think what was spoken about doesn’t fit with the type of thing an enlightened, ascended master would say.” He didn’t reply to this. I tried to say to him about the fact that I had heard the tape and handcuffs soon after starting the séance. He just spoke over me talking and saying things like; “Well I had the best seat in the house and I would have seen something not right.” I said to him. “It wasn’t so much seeing as I hadn’t really seen much at all, but it was about hearing.” He butted in saying, “ No, if there was a noise I would have heard it.” I said to him, “Well I’m telling you now that I heard the sound of the tape being ripped off,” but barely before I could finish my sentence Steve seemed to be becoming rather agitated with us and said, “Look he can’t be a fraud he’s going to be out of pocket on this trip.” I looked at him rather puzzled for a moment, I then said to him “Well I’m here trying to tell you things that I heard that weren’t right to be heard unless there were some funny goings on in the séance room.” I could barely finish saying that when the door to the séance room going out into the garden opened. It was Steves brother John. He poked his head around the door and asked if any of us wanted an Indian take away now as Mychael and some others wanted some.

Steve said to him, “Here listen to this, these two aren’t happy, stay here a moment.” John said “No I can’t hang around because I’ve got to order this Indian.” Then he left. Steve went on to say that he thought it had been a successful séance and didn’t really want to listen to our comments or any form of negative feedback. I remember thinking this strange especially as he had spent most of the previous time we had spent talking to him during the time we had spent there, saying negative comments about all the physical mediums I’ve ever heard of all except Gary Mannion, who he says is destined for even greater things. And said that he was genuine and spirit used his entranced body to do things like the phenomena in the banyan séance where he is caught on camera doing all of the phenomena. He was also saying things like he’s seen Garys cabinet move so much recently because its full with power that it almost spins around and nearly shoots up in the air. He also said that he had seen an illuminated thin man materialise at his recent séance he attended, he said it couldn’t have been Gary as it was much thinner than him. When I asked how it was illuminated he said it was from illuminated golf balls he was holding in either hand and moving then around. He also said that Gary had been recently tested by scientist that have proven his physical mediumship abilities and that he will be making a ‘ come back.’ He said that he would be bigger than Scott Milligan or David Thomson. To be honest this guy didn’t give me chance to get two words in edgeways.

I plucked up the courage to say to him, “Look I have a complaint and this is your business so I’m trying to tell you my concerns and how I feel but you’re just not listening to me,” to which he replied, “Look, I’m telling you, why would Mychael be a fraud when he is out of pocket on this trip by the time he had paid for flights?” And before either of us could say anything else he said, “I tell you what, look, don’t put it on facebook or the internet or anything and I’ll give you your money back and you can come and see him when he comes back again.” I said “Well I’m not really sure that I want to see him again to be honest,” I thought and that was putting it politely. My friend agreed with me and to be honest we both looked at each other feeling uncomfortable because it felt like it was a kind of blackmail. Like, don’t tell anyone and you’ll get money for it. He went on to say “Look, in my opinion you have to give a medium three chances, go to see them three times before making up your mind about them.” I said to him, “Well that’s all well and good if you have that much expendable surplus money to be able to do that.” He said again that he would give us a refund and we said to him that it wasn’t about the money, but he didn’t understand us or barely let us speak again. Steve was clearly very worried about the reputation of his centre. He kept on raising the subject at every opportunity afterwards.

On leaving the séance room I noticed that a lovely man that I had been talking to before the séance left so quickly that he already was reversing his car. I asked him why he was leaving so quickly and he said I’m not hanging around as that was something beginning with B and S. I remember thinking God we’re not the only ones.

Myself and my friend mostly waited outside while everyone else was inside the kitchen/dining room chatting. I thought if someone asks me what I thought about the séance I would have to tell the truth and that would be awkward.

When I did go in for a cuppa and the loo there was no sign of Mychael and someone said he was having a lie down in his bedroom. While I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea with my friend, the other two ladies that were on our course came up to us asking us if we knew what was happening about the workshop tomorrow and if it was still on as they had heard people had booked readings during the day so we wondered how he could do both the workshop and do readings.

They said that they weren’t very happy about it and that we had only had a half of Saturday days workshop as it was because it didn’t start until 1pm. They also said and I agreed that we could have all driven up Saturday morning and then driven home at the end of the séance, saving us having to pay to stay over the Friday and Saturday night.

Steve overheard us talking and came over and we all asked him what was happening about our workshop tomorrow, and what time is it starting in the morning. He said,”I don’t know you’ll have to ask Mychael or Christiana as it’s up to them what they do.” One of the ladies said that she heard that Mychael was now doing readings during the day at £70 for half an hour and that we had paid for a two day workshop and that no one had told us that the Sunday workshop was now cancelled. Again Steve said well it’s up to them what they do you’ll have to ask them.

When the other ladies left, Steve said to us, “If you weren’t happy with the séance you should talk to Christiana and Mychael about it.” I said reluctantly that I would perhaps tomorrow morning in private as long as the owners were also present.

Every time we bumped into Steve he said that he insisted that we speak to Christiana about our concerns.

We were asked if we wanted to join a table session to which we replied yes please. Next thing Steve spotted Christiana walk in the room from her bedroom and Steve called her over,saying to her these ladies want a chat with you. He then went off and left us both alone with her.

We first asked her, (even though my heart was going nine to the dozen,) what was happening for our workshop tomorrow? She paused for some time with a puzzled look on her face and said “Well Mychaels doing some readings there is no workshop.” I said to her that the workshop was advertised as a weekend workshop and we had technically paid £100 then for a four hour workshop. She then said “Oh I’ll speak to Mychael about it and let you know.

We tried speaking to her about the concerns with the séance and she didn’t really listen to us. She seemed more concerned about protecting Mychael who incidentally hadn’t been seen for some time as he was resting in his room.

Every question we asked was skirted around and ignored. For example when asked about why Lady Nada spoke about such low vibrational things if she is such an enlightened being, we were told that Lady Nada has had to “dumb it down” so that we could understand her. When I asked her why it was that I heard the sound of the tape and handcuffs being removed she said to us that we had no understanding of Ascended Masters and that we should read a book about them. I then asked her, “Please could you explain to me then how it was that I distinctly heard the sound of crystals together being moved about as I stood right in front of the cabinet just after hearing the tape being removed after lots of sounds and moving around coming from the cabinet, just as though someone was sitting on a chair and trying to reach something from underneath them.

I barely finished what I was saying when Christiana butted in very aggressively saying “Look, I’ve been working with Mychael for 8 years and I wouldn’t do that if he was a fraud.” I looked her straight in the eye as she was saying this. She could not then look me in the eye and her body language and facial expressions matched that of someone very nervous, yet hostile. I was feeling frustrated that our concerns weren’t being listened to.

She went on talking about Mychael and how amazing he was. I kept thinking if she had nothing to hide why was she behaving in this way to us.

We were hanging around waiting for the group that went into the séance room for a table session to return as myself and my friend were told that someone would come and get us when it was alright for us to join them.

As we waited Steve started to speak to me again and Christiana appeared. Steve asked me and my friend in front of Christiana if we had discussed our concerns. I said that we had tried but really didn’t get much chance to say much at all.

Steve then said “Well I’ll give you a refund and if it’s alright with Christiana and Mychael we could see him there again for free when he returns to UK again.” On hearing that, Christiana said, “that as we had had doubts and concerns about Mychaels mediumship then that type of energy would not be beneficial to anyone.”

Steve then looked straight at me and said very aggressively “I wish physical mediums would stop slagging each other off!” I walked out in disgust at both of their comments at/about myself and my friend, especially seeing as Steve had spent a long time talking to us the day before critising every physical medium that I’d heard of, as I said, with the exception of Gary Mannion.

We waited until about 3am in the end to see if and when we could go in and join the others in the séance room. We decided it was so late now that we would go to bed and just before I did Steve caught me again and said to me, “O.K then who’s works with you?” in a confrontational manner. I asked him what he meant and he said “Come on then who works with you tell me who your guides are.” This was said in a confrontational, aggressive and goading manner. I replied to him, “I’m not here to big myself and say this one or that one works with me, it’s irrelevant and private and has nothing to do with my concerns about the evening and I want to be able to voice my concerns properly.” Shortly after he came up to me, apologising to me for being aggressive.

The next morning, (Sunday) neither Mychael or Christiana spoke to us. I had hoped that they might ask to speak to us in private along with the organisers, as I had asked. And I would have loved to hear Mychaels explanations about the noises of tape and handcuffs and crystal stones if he had one. Neither were we given an explanation or apology that our Sunday workshop was now not taking place.

Whilst waiting outside in the garden, Mychael and some other people were sat around the table talking. The patio door was open and my friend heard every word that Mychael said. (He has a very loud American voice.) He said things like; he had been told by the masters that there would be two people present at the séance, who were doubtful and negative and that this was both why he was so nervous about it and why it didn’t go as well as it could have done. He said “These two people (and I’ll add it’s no one sitting around this table,) jeopardised the séance and ruined it for everyone else.” He didn’t seem to care that my friend was in earshot. I was very disappointed at this and it did upset me as we were basically the only two that were not present around that table.

Shortly after this Steve spoke to us again and said to me, “There were two mistakes at that séance, the first was your mistake because you needed the toilet at the end and that because I needed the loo it would have affected the energy, and the second was mine or ours,” he said.. “ as an establishment we didn’t follow normal protocol and make sure that everyone and everything checked.” I asked, “How did I make a mistake when I had visited the loo just before going into the séance, so what more could I have done?” He then said, “Well I’ll give you both £40 refund and as I said earlier, when Mychael returns you can come back for free.” I said, “I don’t think that’s going to happen do you?”

We then got ready to leave. Dawn came out to say goodbye. She asked me if I had enjoyed myself, I looked at my friend and Steve. Steve shook his head as if to say don’t even go there. So I said, “I think we’ll leave Steve to tell you.” And, “I thought you may have heard.”

We left feeling utterly disgusted at everything, that is, with the exception of the cleanliness of the accommodation which was spotless.

I assure that that this is a true, honest, and accurate account of what actually took place. I am so sure about the noises that I heard in the seance that would suggest fraud, that I would take a lie detector test if what I state here was ever disputed. This also took me some courage to write as I am slightly concerned about any potential repercussions from this but I thought someone has to stand up and speak for the spirit world as well as all the people who have been duped out of their money.

Workshop Handout

The identity of the report author is known but is being kept confidential at this time


Looks as though he decided to make a run for it after his Parsonage Side experience:

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